Gavin’s Sunsets

Appreciate each other, like we appreciate a Sunset.  I have
never seen a sunset, and wish there was more orange, more rays or more purple.
It is what it is.  Kind of makes you want to appreciate each other this way.  I
heard this somewhere before, and it has always stuck with me.

We are who we are.  Through all of our activism to raise
awareness, I am also happy to say I fully appreciate my son, just the way he
is.  That doesn’t mean I don’t wish there was an option regarding his vision.
Nevertheless… these Sunsets are for Gavin.

They are taken by others (friends and family) for

I treasure each one!  If you would like to share a Sunset,
please email me.  I have an album on Facebook as well, where you can see descriptions of each

The sunrise is Gods greeting

The Sunset, his Signature – unknown


 Please also visit the Sunsets for Gavin Facebook album for our complete collection.